I’ve only read through the fourth book and a hundred pages of the fifth book, but clearly this is something that’s in the air right now. Most of my friends – actually scratch that, all of my friends finished the book over the weekend. When I was walking through the subway last night I saw several people either carrying or reading the book on the platform. Fortunately for me I’m not all that interested in the books, because I was reading some comments on Overheard in New York and a troll decided to list off several of the characters who die in the book.

It’s really annoying/fascinating in this day and age the effort we have to make in order not learn certain information. I know all the hardcore fans of the book basically stayed off of the internet until they finished the book, not because they thought they might get spoiled, more like they KNEW they’d get spoiled.

It’s really sick the people who will maliciously spoil things like this for other people because they think it’s funny. There’s a video on YouTube of a guy in a car driving by a Barnes & Noble when Book 6 came out and then yelling out the major spoiler for that book. The video is narrated by the guy and after I watched it I felt dirty, as if I had taken part in it. Too bad it wasn’t New York otherwise he probably would’ve regretted it shortly afterwards.