For people who have never gone to an anime convention there are two things that are really annoying which really start surfacing towards the end of the convention and people are bored. There are numerous annoying things about conventions, but these ones are especially so. That is hugging and signs for hugging. Basically people will find any and every excuse to either give or receive a hug. A lot of conventions have banned signs that say stuff “Will give hugs for Pocky.” I think they justified it on the grounds that with some people it could be considered soliciting a minor. The side effect has been sometimes people just stand around with their arms open. The more aggressive form of hugging is “glomping” which is more of an attack/hug. This video explains it quite well.

The thing though I wonder is how this perpetuates itself. It’s especially popular with the younger fans, and every year the fandom gets younger as anime becomes more readily available whether it’s because of Cartoon Network or YouTube. That entire generation is often now referred to as the Cartoon Network crowd. But where do they learn the whole hugging thing? I guess it’s just something you see around because all it takes is a few people doing it. Though it’s kind of like a New York thing I used to think about. That is, do people in New York act like jerks because they know they’re in New York and should do that or is it just natural? Do people at anime cons become whores for hugs because it’s what you do or is it the environment that teaches it?