I wouldn’t say I have a love/hate relationship with social networking sites because there’s no such site that I do or probably could ever really love. That’s far too strong a word. Of course I hate Myspace because it’s a blackhole of horrible web design, and as luck would have it more people use it than any other site.

Social Networking sites, blogging and all those things I think kind of boil down to part narcissism and part voyeuristic tendencies. I use them for a healthy dose of both. The thing with social networking sites (the well designed ones at least) is that if they have good interface design with some nice AJAX applications and stuff it’s pretty fun to use. Or at least I know it’s fun for me to use. Ultimately it’s kind of like a toy where you enjoy trying out all the buttons.

Also in particular for me I have a kind of compulsive desire to organize things and when something lets me do that in a cool and pretty way I’ll be drawn to it. Whenever people ask me if I’m a neat person I tell them that I am at work and on my computer. My apartment can often look like a total bachelor pad, but my folders on my work computer are all meticulously organized as well as my home computer.

I dare say this is really one of the biggest reasons I’ll continue to waste time on a social networking site despite the fact that not enough friends are with me on there in order for it to be truly useful. If they were all designed like Myspace I would rather gouge out my eyes than waste time on them. The only people I can see who have lots of friends on these sites are people who would say something in the order of “Like, Oh My God! You should, like, totally make a Myspace account. Like, really!” *shudder* I have a feeling it’ll end up being a generational thing too.

For now though, using any of these sites remains something of a guilty pleasure because really, how douche-y does it sound to talk about your Myspace or Facebook account?