This isn’t so much a pet peeve as it is just an irritation of mine for a number of reasons. You’re sitting in the movie theater, and the movie has already started. Sometimes even you’re most of the way through the credit sequence and a couple people walk in. They look surprised at how many people are in the theater. Then they slowly walk across the front while looking around for a seat, flabbergasted that it’s so difficult to find a seat. Did it not occur to them to come earlier? Did their subway get delayed half an hour and they were actually originally on time? I’m guessing most of the time it’s the former explanation.

That’s the other thing that boggles my mind. An entire culture of people who don’t think to go to a movie early so they can get a good seat. Why should they think to? Their parents never go to the movie early, and neither do their brothers and sisters. What, people actually do that? Is that how they get those seats in the front row with all that leg room? Speaking of leg room I was in the AMC Empire theater in one of the front rows where with your legs stretched out there’s still three or so feet of empty space ahead of me, and somehow this idiot still bumps into my feet while trying to walk by. Dude WTF???