Yes I know his reflection should be in the stone wall at the bottom so don’t bother pointing that out. I wasn’t sure exactly how it should be and didn’t think it was worth figuring out.

Anyway, this is the Kwik E Mart converted Seven Eleven on 42nd street between 8th and 9th avenue. There are a bunch more around the country to promote the Simpsons Movie. When you go in the Indian workers are wearing Apu style shirts. They’re selling squishees, Krusty-O’s, donuts with pink frosting and sprinkles, buzz cola and some other merch. There’re also plastic standees of various characters and a frozen Jasper in one of the freezers.

The donut was fine, just kind of sweet because of all the frosting. The Buzz Cola ended up being a coke but with more sugar. The Krusty-O’s were Froot Loops. Only disappointment is that they’re not selling Duff Beer. Apparently they aren’t doing it because this is supposed to be a family movie or some crap like that so they didn’t want alcohol to be part of the promotion. Missed opportunity if you ask me, you have a TV show that’s basically been advertising for this beer for fifteen years and you don’t give us the opportunity to drink it??

Still though this movie is definitely at least eight years too late. Had this movie come out around then I wouldn’t have felt so empty buying into their promotion.