As I stared at the posters of this stupid stupid viral marketing campaign I said to myself that no way in hell would I got to this website, because if I did then they would win and they’d get my one hit counter. I’ve been looking at these ads for I don’t know how long now, but they piss the hell out of me. Sadly I did succumb and visit to find that it’s some stupid site set up by eBay and all you really do is watch their stupid ads and then look up stuff on eBay. I should’ve visited the blogs explaining this stupid campaign first.

So yeah, Windorphins are supposed to be the good feeling you get when you win something or I guess sell something? Whatever, it’s dumb. Hopefully it’ll go away soon because I can’t imagine it doing wonders for their business. I mean if you’re not going to buy/sell stuff on eBay already then why would this change your mind?