This is something I heard once when I was in a bar. Of course like most bar conversation starters it’s related to sex. I just happen to like peeling labels so naturally if my beer bottle gets condensation I’m going to peel that label. The idea behind this stupid claim I guess is just that people who are peeling labels are doing it out of some sort of nervous frustration that they gave which obviously has to be related to sex. Sorry, but I was peeling labels before I knew where babies came from.

Top 5 favorite labels to peel that I can think of off the top of my head:

1. Wordsworth book labels on glossy books (I think this bookstore in Boston is gone now sadly)
2. That snotty glue stuff in magazine inserts (technically not a label but same idea)
3. Protective plastic on remote controls and new electronics.
4. Plastic security labels on the old boxy Warner Bros. DVDs, I don’t think they have this kind anymore.
5. Plastic labels on bathroom products (these can be hit or miss though)