Sorry for the lack of a comic yesterday, I was just really zonked after getting back from Anime Expo, taking the redeye on Monday night and then sleeping until later in the afternoon once I got home. It always takes a while to settle back in after going to a convention and this one was in particular one that took a lot out of me for various reasons.

As for this comic I just thought of it when I was on the train going over the Manhattan bridge and the train stopped frequently saying that there was traffic ahead due to power loss in Manhattan. I was playing Brain Age Sudoku at the time so I was mostly occupied. Eventually the power loss excuse stopped and changed to the police investigation one which persisted until I made it home finally. But really, does it really matter all that much which reason we get? The one I hate the most is “There’s a train ahead of us.” Granted I know nothing about the subway and how close trains get together, but it always seems to me that if we’re not moving at all there’d be plenty of room between us and the next train. But more likely the train ahead is also going slow so that’s the reason.