I am and continue to be a whore for these presentations because they’re fun in that tremendously computer geeky way that only Steve Jobs can make them. I’m still waiting for the full screen iPod that will inevitably come out, but actually OS updates are one of the few things that actually matter to me since I’m not in the habit of upgrading or buying any new hardware every six months. I think mostly I’m excited about the Spaces feature and also the Quick Look feature since I’m constantly quitting my apps before I realized I pressed Apple-Q instead of Apple-W so that should save some time. Everything else is mostly aesthetic eye candy and stuff. Stacks is a pretty cool organizing feature too. How big a geek am I that I remember at least a couple years ago when it was announced Apple patented this feature? I know it wasn’t last year so it must’ve been quite a while ago. I try to deny it at times but I’m such an Apple whore.