Myspace sucks, and whenever I see people (mostly at work) using it all the time I’m always appalled. I feel unclean when I log into Myspace because the website is so poorly designed. Myspace is one of the most horribly designed websites on the entire internet which makes it that much more annoying that I know more people who use Myspace than any other social networking site. Problem is that for social networking sites to work you need more friends to be on one site so that you can do the things like post bulletins that you’d want them all to read. But even if you have friends who use one it’s likely they’re not all on the same one which negates the whole purpose. Ultimately it just ends up being pretty useless overall and kind of a chore like checking old email accounts you barely use anymore but for some reason will yield one thing worth looking at every few weeks.

I wish though that had come out sooner because it’s so well designed that it makes me want to have a reason to use it, but of the social networking sites I’m on I have the least number of friends on there.