I was at my usual Mexican takeout place and there was this obnoxious guy in front of me. He was biking with a friend and getting a bunch of stuff to go. So he asks about the guacamole and after seeing the size of the large $4 guacamole he does exactly what the character does which is say under his breath that he’d rather starve. Clearly it was said loudly enough so that the person working there could hear it. Why the hell do something like that? It’s not like they’re going to think “Oh my god! We’ve been overcharging people for guacamole all this time! Thank you for pointing out the error of our ways!” It’s just obnoxious.

What I didn’t show in this comic was he kept on refusing a plastic bag to hold the at least five or six different things he had. He kept saying “No, no plastic.” I saw later that his friend had a canvas bag so I guess he wanted to be environmental, but it was clear from that bag that they weren’t going to fit it all in. So the guy sort of said to his friend “Oh I guess you should get a bag if you can’t fit it. So naturally when his friend asks for a bag the cashier says “Oh really…because he said…” I had already started walking out so I didn’t hear the rest of that exchange. Anyway. People can be such jerks.