My middle sister did this to me once, and when I saw a guy clipping his nails in the subway car I wanted to do the same to him. Perhaps not as bad as the guy who will throw his trash out the door when the train stops but in my opinion still disrespectful of the people around you. I don’t understand why don’t all nail clippers have the little plastic attachment that catches the nails so you don’t have to worry about them flying around everywhere.

I remember YEARS ago when my oldest sister was in Japan (I think more than ten years ago) she told me about a nail clipper she bought there with that exact device. Only problem is she didn’t realize until much later that it was collecting all her nails so when she opened it she got a rather unpleasant surprise. I think later in college I was looking around Pearl River (before its new location on Broadway) and bought the nail clipper I have which has the nail catcher, but I never saw them before then. I think you can get one at Duane Reade at the cashier where all the candy is.