So yeah, I played a crap ton of Metroid Prime 2 this weekend. The Metroid games are some of my favorite games of all time and it’s still amazing to me just how well the Prime series came out. Really the only way they could be more immersive is if I had headphones and some kind of video goggles. Actually, Wii controls would probably do it even more since I’d be pointing at things with my arms.

The nature of the gameplay that once you get a new item suddenly an entirely new section opens up just makes it so addictive. Last thing I did was get the super bombs which are basically the last major item I needed to open up the rest of the world. But then I realized I’d been playing for a long time so I stopped and ended up crashing on my bed, and waking up with the lights on and my computer fan running like a jet engine.

To anyone who has played the game, the boss battle I’m referring to in this comic is the Spider Guardian which not only was the most frustrating and difficult boss battle so far, but the previous save point was SOOOOO far a way. I must’ve played that at least eight times. This is why total gameplay time in videogames can be totally inaccurate at times.