Sorry for the late update, but obviously I was waiting until I got to go to the Sakura Matsuri to take a photo. Unfortunately the esplanade blossoms weren’t at their peak yet. The ones closest to the foreground were probably the biggest, but the rest weren’t on their way yet. I mainly just walked around, relaxed, lay on the grass for a while. There were your requisite amount of Naruto and Bleach cosplayers which I still find kind of annoying. Like I said last year, I think it’s like a Japanese person wearing a Starfleet uniform to a July 4th celebration or something. Whatever.

It was still a good time, I spotted lots of people taking Myspace photographs of themselves with the blossoms. I got a couple pictures of people sort of cuddling up to the blossoms to take a picture of themselves. Or you always have the people who pull the freakin’ branch down so that they can better pose with it. After walking around for a while I got to thinking that it would be more fun to do something like a photo scavenger hunt at this sort of event since really every year it’s basically the same thing. If I did that I would have “person pulling down branch and posing for photo” as one of my items. Also inappropriately intimate couple interaction on the lawn, get a room people!!