Yesterday was the first day this year that I left my apartment and it was feeling like Spring because it was in the 60° range and the trees are starting to bloom. I can’t put my finger on it but there was a feeling that I had that was almost disorienting as if a memory was trying to resurface. Anyway, the office I work in we usually have the windows open at some point because the circulation is terrible and it’s always really hot. That meant yesterday the windows were wiiiiiide open. The day seemed to go by slower than usual despite me being relatively busy with plenty of work to do.

Yet despite my good mood at the weather when I was walking outside, when you’re in the office that heat pretty much has the opposite effect. This is why for me working in a part of the country where it’s warm all the time would be extremely difficult. I just need those cooler temperatures in order to concentrate. I guess here’s to hoping that the air conditioning in my office works better than the heat.