If you don’t get this comic then you don’t know about Super Paper Mario which is coming out for the Wii today. Hopefully I’ll be holding a copy of it by the time I get on the subway to go home. You can see the trailer here. I’m actually amazed this comic got made at all because not half an hour ago before writing this I was talking on the phone with a friend saying that my stomach hurt, I was lying in bed, and I had this great idea for a comic but the punchline would be too annoying to do. So I just lay in bed for a while and decided to just try it. Turns out it was super easy to make. Go figure.

It’s my policy to usually not doing this sort of comic because there’re plenty of other video game related comics out there with much better art, and if that were my primary source of jokes I’d have no chance. But fact of the matter is the game fit the typical New York scenario all too perfectly so enjoy.