I had to go to the Apple Store to get this thing called the iMic made by Griffin. Apparently the “line in” that exists on Apple computers is not the same as a “mic in” so if you have an unpowered microphone you’re out of luck if you think you can just plug it into the computer and have it work. Sorry, your cheap-ass microphone doesn’t mean a thing because you have to buy an extra accessory for $40 in order to use it. Thanks Apple.

Anyway, when I got up there I decided to take my photo around the Apple Store since I didn’t get a good picture during the opening because I only had my cell phone. Turns out that there are two security guards in this moat-like area who have the thankless task of keeping people out of the moat-like area. My guess is they don’t want people getting near the glass, getting it dirty or anything. That’s what’s missing from all those movies that take place in the future where everything looks clean. They should have the a staff nearby who make sure no one touches anything so that all plastics, metals and general shiny objects stay shiny.