I’m not fully sure of the pervasiveness of “high definition” or “HD” as a marketing buzzword, but when I saw the “high definition mascara” ad on the street I just had to do this comic because it seemed so dumb. It also turns out that HD radio doesn’t mean high definition it actually means “hybrid digital” which somehow translates into better sound quality. The idea marketing execs started latching onto this term once HDTV started catching on just reeks of stupidity to me. It reeks because they thought to do that and also that some people are probably being pulled in by this marketing crap.

It’s like how suddenly everything became EXTREEEEEEME all of a sudden. My favorite commentary on that particular advertising buzzword is from Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle where the stupid skateboarding punks say everything is extreme. In the commentary of the DVD the writers said their ideas for these characters were that they were the sort of people that would get roped in by the extreme sports Sprite commercials.

The first panel is based off of a conversation I was having with a friend about HDTVs and how suddenly you want to watch anything you can that’s HD even if it’s a show you never ever would’ve watched otherwise. I’ve heard this is a common occurrence with people when they get HDTVs.