Since it’s warming up that means more tourists. I saw two groups yesterday in Chinatown. Actually I’m on sure that this one was a tourist group. Usually when you have a large mass of white people in Chinatown there’re few other things they could be. I found this woman with the rainbow baton thing rather amusing. The other group I saw was crowding the entrance to the subway turnstiles at the Northwest corner of Canal and Lafayette. That one always gets really crowded because there’re only two turnstiles and they’re the vertical kind where everyone suddenly forgets how to swipe a magnetic strip. Either they wait until the previous person’s “Go” display disappears before swiping or they’re just totally inept to begin with. I hate that entrance with a fiery passion on weekens, but thankfully I almost never have to enter there. I imagine with a crowd like that it’d be faster to go back up to the street to a different entrance and go in there.