The trailer for GTA IV is finally out and yes it’s New York City. I know Liberty City in GTA III was based off of New York and you could see the similarities, but from this trailer there’s really no two ways about it, it’s New York City. Yes, I do want to play the game just so that I can see how they rendered all the major landmarks and just how detailed they got. I imagine since Rockstar has a location in New York that it’ll be very accurate. The graphics look very nice but I don’t know what they’re going to do to warrant calling it GTA IV other than the improved graphics. The Grand Theft Auto series has only had small gameplay additions with each sequel, and I agree the game has gotten better but it’s never been a real evolution of the format.

I want to go over their version of the Brooklyn Bridge, their financial district, their Statue of Liberty and see just how crazy they went with the modeling. Granted I don’t really consider myself a real New Yorker or a very good one. Being from Boston aside I know I don’t take full advantage of everything the City offers me so my knowledge of the various landmarks would only be very specific parts that I’ve been to on a regular basis. Is it really silly to want to play a video game version of a place I already live in?