I know there’s Brooklyn Chinatown and maybe a few other places I can get my Kokuho brand 20lb bag of rice but there’s just nothing nearby me which is irritating when I’m out of rice and desperate. The 20lb bag of rice in Chinatown is usually $10 or less and yes you can pay $12.99 for a 10lb bag of rice. It’s funny because there was a post on Gothamist about this White Rose rice which you could get for $4.99 at Met Foods. You can see a post that I made in the comments there. One guy said “rice is cheap in any quantity, so buying a 20 pound bag is just pointless. If I really cared that much about saving 5 bucks over a span of 2 years, I would move out of the city. Why give up the cabinet space?” Which I find hilarious because if I’m cooking frequently I can burn through a 20 lb bag of rice in a couple months if that, but that’s because I’m Asian.

Lugging a 20lb bag of rice home from Chinatown is a pain in the ass but if you pay that much for 10lbs you’re just a sucker (I fully admit that I’ve been that sucker on more than one occasion). Funny thing is that bag of rice has kind of been a measure of my upper body strength since I’ve had to carry those since I was younger and out shopping with my mom.