It’s true, I’m out of ideas right now (or as I wrote this one) because when I run out of ideas I do fart jokes! This is a lack of continuity strip because as soon as I finished it I realized it was completely out of character since he always tries to cover up his flatulence. This is a tribute to one of my best friends. Whether or not this aspect of his personality needs a tribute is debatable. Anyway, he can be a pretty serious person at times, but he finds bodily functions hilarious. I said to him once that he could amuse himself if he was locked in a closet. Turns out though that he only finds them funny when inflicted upon other people. Actually that sounds too sinister, it’s just the fact that someone else was around for it he finds hilarious, but if it happens when he’s by himself it’s not funny at all.

Now I’m asking myself why in the hell did I ever do this strip?