As of today I’m starting a donation drive for me to get a real cup for work. Just kidding, I wouldn’t do something like that unless it was integral to me being able to work on the comic. Turns out if you drink spring water and orange juice out of a Snapple bottle for a while it doesn’t matter how much you rinse it out with soap if you can’t properly scrub the inside. Ew.

Oh and I realized that this is the FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Kick in the Head. I also realized that in none of the previous years did I ever acknowledge the birthday of the comic so I guess I’ll do that now. Four years and still going strong (I hope? I don’t know, you tell me). By my count this is the 1,383rd comic that I’ve done. Pretty much every single day I’m still surprised that it’s still going because when you’ve complained about so many different things it’s hard to come up with new ones. Honestly there are only so many things that irritate you on a regular basis even if you’re a person like me living in a place like New York City. Sure every now and then there’s the very unique raving lunatic that demands a comic be written about them but it’s usually the exception to the rule.

I often say that I rarely laugh at my own comics (and those tend to be the toilet humor ones) so I can’t be entirely sure if the quality of the comic has been maintained, increased or decreased. It’s really hard keeping things fresh especially between the hours of 12am and 1am which is when the majority of this is done. So I’ll not too subtly say *cough*if you want to leave feedback*cough* I’d be much appreciated. I don’t get email too often but hey it’s kind of like a job review, when it comes (assuming it’s positive) it’s a nice bit of encouragement that things are being appreciated.