Sorry, no interesting photo for today because I’m pretty much going to stay indoors all day editing my top secret project which is FINALLY DONE!

I’ve set a new bar for my own nerdiness. So as you may or may not know I’m obsessed with the new Battlestar Galactica. I also have a great love for Star Trek: DS9. When I got my hands on the BSG Soundtrack I thought it’d be fun to cut some teaser intros like the beginning of BSG. Then I took it a step further and thought making the entire credits intro would be cool which then brought me onto DS9.

So I spent lots of time last week and this weekend looking for footage (with greatly appreciated help by jadskye) and editing together the intro using shots as close to the original as possible. For your reference here’s the original I based mine off of (without the whole “Cylons were created by man” portion). And HERE’S MINE! If you like it please send links, I’m curious to see how many hits I can get on this one.