I didn’t think I was going to watch this year’s Academy Awards because with every year I grow increasingly frustrated with it and the show itself. However my Battlestar Galactica plans fell through so I ended up watching it anyway. This year’s seemed to go very quickly. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I wasn’t paying attention for the first hour or so because I was playing my DS. There were some cool things and I think the winners were all deserving. No big surprises or things out of left field.

Ones that made me particularly happy were Alan Arkin for supporting actor because he was awesome in that movie and obviously Martin Scorsese who has had this long in coming. Departed isn’t his best film by a long shot but it was still very good. I love how fast that man talks, so incredibly New Yorker. I was thinking if he had given that monologue the president of the Academy gave he wouldn’t have had to speed it up. Only disappointment I had was Letters From Iwo Jima didn’t get much notice aside from the nomination. I really liked that movie. I still want to see Babel despite the incredibly mixed reviews I’ve heard and I think The Queen and Little Children are ones I should see too.