There was a lot less to do during Day 3 of Comic-Con. Plus waiting in this stupid line was very annoying. The actual line was longer so take this line you see in the photo and double it in size and that’s roughly how big it was. The thing about this show is that the main floor is really the only thing the show has so I almost understand making us do this despite us all having our badges. Conventions like Otakon or Katsucon there’s a big line to get into the dealer room. Still though I don’t think this and the whole wrist band system they had was worth all the effort. In terms of convenience I think this is still the worst con I’ve been to.

I went to a couple panels, though one was cancelled at the last minute. Actually it was cancelled twenty minutes after the last minute because that’s how long it took for them to tell us there wasn’t going to be one. I picked up the next volumes of Naruto, Death Note, Hikaru no Go and Full Metal Alchemist manga which Viz had there exclusively to the con. Most of them aren’t due to come out until earlly March or April which is pretty awesome. I also got a book by Lewis Trondheim whose stuff I love. Other than that nothing much else to report. I’m really tired now.