So first day of New York Comic-Con was good. I already had my badge so when I got in I just looked for someone who had a lanyard and I was on my way. Little did I know that in order to go onto the show floor willy nilly you needed wait in lin to get this wristband too. Why do this when we already have badges? I have no idea. I didn’t go to the show floor right away because I wanted to go to the Battlestar Galactica panel with Tricia Helfer and James Callis first. Before that was the Buffy panel with Drusilla and some other actors who got killed. Sadly Nicholas Brendon (Xander) couldn’t make it so it wasn’t all that interesting.

The Battlestar Galactica panel was pretty good, James Callis is a funny guy though Tricia Helfer didn’t have all that much to say. Kevin Smith moderated it which added a bit of punch to the panel. Initially I was worried he was going to steal some of the show but he ended up being a pretty decent moderator and would put some people asking dumb questions in their place. This one guy asked this really in depth question that sounded uber spoiler ridden which displeased the crowd (myself included) to the point where I wanted to tackle him so he wouldn’t say anymore. So right now there’s a possibility I know a certain character might die this season.

After going around the show floor I went to the Jhonen Vasquez panel which was probably the best panel I went to the entire time. The reason being Jhonen Vasquez has a very low tolerance for bullshit so if a question was stupid or didn’t make any sense he could keep things moving along or just give a wiseass comment. I’d say the most questions got answered during that one. The best part was he started the panel by asking if we had heard that he hates his fans. He said it’s partially true and then proceeded to read this angry fan mail he had on his laptop. Basically the letter started “I don’t want to sound like a crazy Zim fan but…” At which point they ended up sounding like a crazy Zim fan. Then he went on to basically say “Why is that necessary? This is just someone being really mean? Is that really worth your time?” He was really funny and I’d say that was the best run and least stressful panel. There was one guy who asked him about mudkips. If you don’t know about it, don’t ask, he didn’t know and then didn’t answer.

The other two panels I went to were Kevin Smith’s and the Venture Bros. panels. Kevin Smith’s was the WORST WANKIEST MOST ANNOYING PANEL EVER!!! Seriously, this one has set the standard for annoying panel. There were several reasons for this. Really though it started with this one girl who ended up in a conversation about her personal life with Kevin Smith on topics ranging from her sexuality to a guy she has who’s a friend but might be barking up the wrong tree and at one point Kevin Smith mentions a guy he knew Brian Johnson and the girl says “I knew a Brian Johnson in high school too!” And it just went on and on for ten minutes (no exaggeration). The audience was getting really irritated but then Kevin Smith was talking about how he liked hearing about people’s relationships and stuff which is why he goaded her on. That was bad enough in itself, but then each subsequent person prefaced their question with something personal like “Oh I’m good, but I’m missing my fiancee right now” thus allowing a new conversation to begin. AAAAAARRRRGGHH!!! I didn’t stay for it because I went to the Venture Bros. panel.

This panel was a lot more entertaining. The panelists were the creator Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer, Mike Sinterniklaas, Steven Rattazzi and James Urbaniak. This one didn’t have a moderator so at first people didn’t know to use the microphone but each question just started them on this line of bullshitting that was hilarious. Plus there was lots of doing the voices of the characters. After the panel I went to dinner with some friends and James Urbaniak and Steven Rattazzi were in the booth next to us. Since James Urbaniak’s natural voice is basically Dr. Venture it was fun hearing him talk in the booth next to us.

So that’s day 2 of Comic-Con. More to come tomorrow.