I was on the subway and I saw this guy playing his Gameboy SP. I wasn’t sitting next to him, but I could tell from the sound effects he was playing Sonic the Hedgehog. And yes he had his iPod headphones on and they weren’t quite as loud as the Gameboy but they were definitely in there killing some of the cells in his ear. Maybe because I could identify the game sounds they sounded louder. This just struck me as so peculiar because if your headphones are that loud you can’t possibly hear the game. Whenever I use my iPod or DS I have headphones on one or the other.

Even stranger was another time I saw this guy who had a portable DVD player and he was clearly rocking out to whatever he was watching. From my vantage point across from him I could eventually see what looked like some crappy Latino MTV music crap where people yell into and make hand gestures into the microphone. Then I see him lean back and reach into his front pants pocket for some CDs. That’s when I notice that he has a separate CD player that he’s listening to while watching the music videos? That was even weirder, isn’t half the point of watching a music video the music??? Some people just do the weirdest things on the subway.