Certain stations such as the 2-3 at 42nd street or in this case 34th street on the A-C-E are really annoying. The reason is that the express trains are in the center of the station and the local on the outside. So basically there are three platforms. One platform is the uptown local, the middle one is the uptown and downtown express and the other one is the downtown local. What this means is in order to change from the downtown local to downtown express you have to go down the stairs and up stairs to switch platforms. You’ll know who are the local people because if they’re on one platform and suddenly they see the express train on other side (or local train, depending on which side they’re on) they’ll run to the stairs so they can make it to the other platform before the train gets a chance to close its doors.

I was going to get a better picture of the middle platform but the train ended up coming before I could so I had to quickly take this one.