I was on the subway when this woman who didn’t look like your typical raving lunatic on the subway started spouting some random gibberish. They were using actual words though. I was wearing headphones so I can’t write down what they were saying, though even if I were listening I’d still be hard pressed to transcribe it. The thing about some of these people is that all the words make sense but the order of them makes no sense at all. In some of Billy Cosby’s early standup he does a really great authentic sounding recreation of how these people talk. Anyway, I saw three or four people playing with their phones or PDAs and I just couldn’t help but think that they were all texting friends of theirs that their was this crazy woman talking about random stuff really loudly right in front of them. It’s certainly possible that they were using them before the woman got on the car but from my standpoint that’s what it looked like.