My love/hate relationship with the Academy Awards continues. Actually that’s not true, love is too strong a word. I don’t think I ever loved the Academy Awards, but I have memories of watching them when I was younger and enjoying their movie montages because I wanted to see how many movies I could identify. Plus the one I’m thinking of right now is one of the first times they did the thing where it looks like the live performers are walking into the movie screen. Now I just want to see the clips they choose to represent each film and who gets the awards.

The montages I hate when they’re especially pointless like “And now a montage as a tribute to animals in film.” That stuff is just padding straight through. What always happens is they do things to speed them up but then they add in other stupid crap that extends the running time out again so they always manage to go on way too long.

As for nomations this year I don’t think any huge surprises. I was very pleasantly surprised at all the attention Little Miss Sunshine got because I loved that movie and it was definitely one of the funniest films I saw all of last year. No really huge surprises. Ever since I saw the trailer for Babel I really wanted to see it but I still have yet to see it. At least now I know it’ll be in theaters longer since they’ll want to capitalize on Oscar buzz. I’m glad that Dreamgirls didn’t get the attention people thought it would because it seemed like this year’s Chicago, and was going to have an oversaturation of Oscar campaigning for it. Again no huge surprises. I’d actually be fine with any of the Best Picture nominees winning, though I still have yet to see Babel or The Queen.