Okay so this joke has probably been used a dozen times in vampire and serial killer movies or TV shows but it would’ve been a lot of fun to say this to the heckler we had when we were in line for the Wii last year. But he was in the passenger side of a cab driving by so it wasn’t very practical. Why am I doing this comic so long after the fact? Well it’s because there’s something I see every morning before I go to work that I find just as lame if not lamer than a bunch of people waiting in line to get a video game system.

What is it I see every morning you ask? I’d say at least two to three dozen people waiting in front of the Macy’s department store in midtown waiting for it to open so that they can begin shopping. First few times I saw them I thought maybe they were waiting for a bus or were some tourist group but you look and the inside section by the revolving doors is packed with people waiting for the doors to open so they can shop. Is there something at Macy’s that people need to make a mad dash for every morning or is it as lame as I think it is? I mean they don’t have crazy sales like Walmart where people get trampled do they?

Which is more worthy of ridicule? You decide. Oh and I do believe that Wiis are still in short supply such that you still need to line up to get them. If you’re in California I hear you’re basically S.O.L.