So Apple announced their iPhone and it’s possibly even better than anyone’s wildest dreams. I spent last night watching the demo movies on their website and also the keynote speech where Steve Jobs manipulates the emotions of tech geeks out there like no one else can. Yes, it’s dead sexy. Like, really really really sexy. The touch interface with the scrolling, the zooming in and out that borderlines on Minority Report interface coolness and the trademark OS X gratuitously smoothly animated transitions that make even Star Trek computer motion graphics look like nothing special.

But yes, $500 for only 4GB and $600 for 8GB plus it only works with Cingular. If the storage was higher and it was capable of working with whatever carrier you’d want I think I’d have a much more difficult time saying no to this thing (oh yeah, and if it was cheaper). But as it stands I don’t see myself seriously ever considering purchasing something like this. Right now I will settle for playing with it in the Apple store and pissing off the people behind me waiting for their turn. My desire for Star Trek-like gadgets will have to be sated by my Nintendo DS which is still doing a very good job as long as people make games with smooth animation and pleasing sounds for when you press the buttons with your stylus.