I finally got my hands on Tetris DS and also got a wireless router which after much hardship I managed to hook up. For a while there I thought I was going to have to ask a friend for help but then all of a sudden it started working. Anyway, this will be my official review of Tetris DS.

I’m a huge Tetris junkie, or at least I used to be. My interest in Tetris comes in waves and then leaves for long periods of time. I cut my teeth on original Gameboy Tetris and at my peak would try playing in heart mode so that it would be that much easier by comparison to play starting at level nine. I think the highest score I got on original pea-soup colored Tetris was around 400,000 or something ridiculous (at least I thought it was ridiculous, maybe the real high scores are a lot more).

Tetris DX for the Gameboy Color with the exception of changing the music around I thought was a nice improvement because pressing left or right made the pieces move to the sides very quickly. Plus there was this ever so slight pause before a piece hit the ground that made it very easy to fit pieces underneath holes. Also it had a memory function so you could resume play later on.

I think the biggest moment in recent Tetris history was the relase of Tetris Worlds which Gamespot.com famously reviewed as being completely broken (I recommend watching the video review). The reason being that the pieces do not lock to the bottom until you want them to. While this isn’t as much of a problem in multiplayer since you want to place pieces as fast as possible it’s still ridiculous. Tetris DS has continued this trend and it seems the wind is blowing towards broken Tetris. There are a few improvements I like but haven’t been implemented entirely well.

The “hold” function where you can save a piece is pretty nice and it shows you in advance maybe six pieces. Problem I think is that the most recent piece to come is displayed on the top right of the screen. I think the bottom right was infinitely superior screen placement for the next piece because that’s where your eyes are gravitating to naturally (at least mine did). Plus the Tetris music it seems is really gone in favor of playing classic NES music which can be quite grating after a while. Also, like I said the rotate buttons have been switched so I think the B button used to rotate clockwise but now it’s reversed, this has thrown off my game so much that it’s going to take a while.

That said, being able to play wirelessly against opponents all over the world is pretty awesome and once I started getting back into things and actually looking at the next available pieces (I initially had forgotten to) then things got just as addicting as they ever were. I still wish I could change the buttons, get the old music back and stuff.