Actually the song was “Silent Night” but I think the really REALLY Christmas-y songs are more annoying. Actually scratch that, they’re all annoying. I think the thing is that as soon as Christmas feels like it no longer takes forever to arrive and instead sneaks up on you, the holiday spirit is mostly gone. Actually, it’s more like once you start getting lots of people presents it just becomes stress. Plus now I’m more aware of how hearing annoying Christmas music is to the people around me who don’t celebrate it. Overall, not much stuff that’s amazingly spectular about the holiday season anymore.

Presents are still nice, getting days off of work are nice, parties at work are nice and seeing family is good too. But just the environment it creates with all the decorations, music and stuff that’s hard to avoid just walking down the street just tedious and irritating. Maybe I’m just a Scrooge but lately this is how I’ve felt during the holidays. I haven’t even been in a bad mood or anything, I just realized it when I heard the guy playing “Silent Night” in the subway on his clarinet that it didn’t inspire any sort of fun holiday feelings. Plus when I was walking around Rockerfeller Center I just wanted to get away from all the ENORMOUS CROWDS of people. Bleah.