I will fully admit right here and now, yes it was me who did it. Actually I don’t think the people surrounding me had any trouble figuring out that it was me. But honestly, when has waving your hand in front of your face actually helped disperse the smell in a situation when it wasn’t a thick acrid smoke? (not still talking about farts when I say smoke).

If you remember your biology you’ll remember that smells are in fact chemicals dissolved into the air. Or another way of thinking of it is that when you’re smelling you are in fact taking in molecules from the thing in question. This was not so famously talked about in Ang Lee’s film The Ice Storm (I say not so famously because most people never saw this film) by Elijah Wood’s character

“Because of molecules we are connected to the outside world from our bodies. Like when you smell things, because when you smell a smell it’s not really a smell, it’s a part of the object that has come off of it, molecules. So when you smell something bad, it’s like in a way you’re eating it. This is why you should not really smell things, in the same way that you don’t eat everything in the world around you because as a smell, it gets inside of you. So the next time you go into the bathroom after someone else has been there, remember what kinds of molecules you are in fact eating.”