This one is for the local New Yorkers, though even then some of them still might not get it. I’m a ticket stub collector, not that I go far and wide and try to get all varieties of stubs, I just save my movie ticket stubs. I haven’t filed them away in my album for a long time and truth be told, the old ones you can barely read the ink anymore but I still do it just the same. That is however, except for the tickets from Landmark’s Sunshine theater on Houston street. Why is this? Because somewhere a while ago they decided they didn’t want to fit into the whole “ticket stub” thing and instead they give printed receipts like you’d get at a supermarket. Sometimes they rip it in half and the even more genius validation method they used was they gave the ticket taker a ball point pen which they used to punch a hole in the piece of paper with. They’ve been doing it for a while maybe it’s cheaper for them, but it still strikes me as kind of silly.