I’m realizing how my nerdiness has evolved somewhat since I was either in high school or in college. And that’s mainly due to the fact that without batting an eye I’ve already scheduled things to do with friends after work on at least four days in the next week that have nothing to do with playing Final Fantasy XII. I already know from reviews that this game is going to take 40-50 hours to beat and yet here I am making plans that conflict with the other 37-47 hours more I’ll need to play the game before I’m done for my first initial time through.

I often say that my friends are my friends because not only are they nerdy but they have social skills that other nerds lack (often something you realize when you’re in a high density of them like at comic or anime conventions). I’ve never really analyzed that statement much further than that. But when I do I can see that the difference is this desire to interact with other people sharing your experiences instead of just with your video games or comics. Of course just knowing HOW to talk to people and say the right thing is important. There’ve been many a time when I meet someone who is at least as nerdy as I am, and yet when you talk to them you just wonder if they have any friends at all because they’re so socially awkward and oblivious to that fact.

With that said, good luck trying to pull me away from my PS2 this weekend.

EDIT: I did this comic before I started playing last night but it turned out to be more accurate than I originally intended. The thing is that the battle system is automatic so it’s easy to nod off if you’re not paying attention. Basically I was getting tired and didn’t realize that as I was going through this one section my characters weren’t doing very well and yes, I died for the first time.