So yeah, yesterday was pretty slow at work which means it just dragged on and on. Meanwhile I’m chatting with a friend about how much I want to go home and play Final Fantasy XII. However, I managed to be disciplined enough to still go to kung fu class even though that cuts out two or so hours of possible game time. It ended up being a good class so it was totally worth it. Then again, class is always good and I usually regret it when I miss or skip a class. Anyway, I went to Barnes & Noble because volume 7 of Genshiken came out on Tuesday and every comic book store I went to was out. Turns out they ALSO had the next Death Note, Hikaru no Go and Love Roma. So I’m just carrying in my bag countless hours of entertainment, and yes, I have jury duty.


I don’t remember when was the last time but I guess it’s been three years already. It’s three years right? I forget. Hopefully it’ll be like the last time and they’ll just sit us in a room for several hours with Law & Order playing on the TV and then let us go *crosses fingers*. At least this time I don’t have to drive to the courthouse. But enough of that, I also said to myself I’d do my comic before starting Final Fantasy XII so I’m off!