Before work yesterday I went to the nearest Gamestop to pick up my copy of Final Fantasy XII. I didn’t reserve a copy because they require you to put money down, and I had heard about people not getting their reserved copy the day of release before. I get there and there’s a huge stack of regular editions behind the counter and the entire display case has been plastered with the collector’s edition. Turns out all the regular ones are reserved so I had to get the collector’s for $10 more. I probably could’ve gone to a non video game store like Circuit City but I really wanted to have it ASAP so I took the plunge.

The Bonus DVD has developer interviews, trailers, an art gallery and a “History of Final Fantasy” feature which is about thirty minutes long and it’s probably the worst “documentary” I’ve ever seen. Seriously, if they hired someone to read excerpts from the WIkipedia articles about the Final Fantasy games it would’ve been more authoritative. It essentially amounts to them pointing out the gameplay mechanics of the game and the changes made during each subsequent sequel while giving an extremely brief summary about the characters in each game. Sufficient to say I fast forwarded through it and moved onto the interviews.

Interviews not quite as worthless as the documentary but also not very exciting. Not to make a huge generalization but watching Japanese creators of either video games or anime is always very dry and not terribly entertaining. I don’t know if they’re speaking slow or that’s my perception. The Q&A had very few cutaways, no music and was structured where they’d put the question in a title card and then the person would answer. Problem is that they’re really not in a position to be critical of anything so nothing interesting is ever said. Whenever you think something is going to be interesting (i.e. “What was the reaction to the new battle system?”) the answer is very short leaving with you with as much information you would’ve had if the question was never asked.

The art galleries are slow video clips of various pieces of artwork, and trailers are trailers. Really I think the best part of the collector’s edition is just the packaging which is super slick. At least it was only $10 more and not like $20 more.

I wish I could take a four day weekend.