Offense should not be taken by the person throwing the party that I’m going today, because believe it or not I would rather go to the party than play Final Fantasy XII tonight. Playing video games instead of going to social events is dumb unless you’re doing a favor for a friend, and will need alcohol to get through said partybecause you don’t know or care to know anyone there. I haven’t been in that situation yet, but I wouldn’t feel too guilty about skipping out on that.

However, IF I were forced to go to a party like that on the release date of a new Final Fantasy game five years in coming, that would basically be like an adult’s version of the car ride home from the store. Anyone who played video games as a kid knows what I’m talking about. You’ve been saving up money to get this game you really want, you go to the mall with your mom for the express purpose of getting that game. You buy it, all is well and good and you get in the car. THEN your mom realizes she needs to go grocery shopping, thus delaying your gameplay time. So the only solace you have is in reading the user manual because it’s the closest you’ll get to playing the game for maybe an hour.