I’m not trashing on people with wrist watches here, this is actually based off of a conversation I had with my sister once. She was asking why I don’t have a wrist watch and this was basically my rationale. I think I haven’t had a watch since sometime either Freshman or Sophomore year of college. There was a time when I was thinking of getting a watch again but I just never went shopping for one. It became like when there’s a movie out you’re marginally interested in watching and you miss out on the opportunity to see it in theaters because you kept on putting it off. Except in this case, the putting off time is several years at which point I’ve already become accustomed to just using my cell phone.

Really though I feel like this is just how it is for a lot of people now. One of my favorite shots from Shaun of the Dead is during the opening montage of people being like zombies in everyday life, and the people at the bus station check the time on their cell phones all at the same time. I’m accustomed to using my cell phone, and it’s one less thing to forget when I’m doing my morning routine.