I was ranting about this briefly to my friends Tuesday night. As far as I know there’re at least two forms of cell phone software for entering in words quickly so that you can press buttons once instead of having to press 1 three times to get a “C” or pressing 6 three times to get an “O.” There’s the T9 and Verizon has this iTap system which is what my phone has. The thing about the iTap system is that there isn’t a dictionary where you can just enter in words you want stored or be able to see the words that you’ve added to it. In order to enter words you have to spell it out very slowly with its awkward interface.

Anyway, I figured out early on Verizon didn’t take it upon themselves to program swear words into the dictionary. This I wasn’t surprised about, I was only happy enough to enter then in manually myself. Though just the other night I was going to use a certain choice word only to find that it’s now not in the dictionary anymore? Did they actually program the phone to get rid of those words after a time specifically? Or does it only store so many words? I can’t imagine either being true, especially in light of the other recent discovery which I find even more offensive.

That discovery being that several chatspeak terms were pre-programmed into the phone when it was sold! I abhor the use of chatspeak in almost all forms. Only ones I occasionally use are “brb” (be right back) and “ttyl” (talk to you later), but even those I use very seldomly. I’d NEVER use rotflmao (Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off). Completely appalled I looked up a chatspeak page on Google to see what other words were stored (I don’t use it much so I needed a guide to see what other crap they stored in my phone).

I found the following other phrases which I know I never used, who knows how many others there are.

cya (see you), cul8tr (see you later), gtg (got to go), imho (in my humble opinion) and l8r (later). Oh, and they also had rofl in addition to rotfl which is the same thing really. So either Verizon has some teenage girls in charge of their iTap technology or when I wasn’t looking some teenage girl decided to enter all this into my phone without me knowing. Either way, it’s kind of a disturbing thought.