So today’s my birthday, but as per usual I don’t have any big plans other than going out with friends for food and drinks. If you see me tomorrow after work, yes I will be wearing glasses, this is my battle plan for tomorrow. I have work tomorrow so I don’t plan on staying out very late, though I did take the precaution of doing tomorrow’s comic in advance so as to minimize anything I have to do when I get home.

I’m now a quarter century old, but even saying it that way doesn’t make it sound old because I’m still in my twenties. I think whatever age I am in the future will never seem as old as it did when I was looking up at an older person as a kid. I remember thinking that early twenties was so old when my oldest sister was that age and I was still in elementary school. But things the way they are now I don’t feel old at all. Maybe it’s because I play copious amounts of video games and my bedroom is covered in anime wall scrolls and plushies. Even having the paid job doesn’t really make me feel old, it’s like the world screwed up and somehow I ended up with the means to buy all the comics and toys that I want when I want.