I have this weird thing with food. Actually I don’t think it’s weird because it’s my own thing, but it’s become clear to me that not everyone thinks this way. Basically if I see food in any sort of visual medium whether it’s on TV, an ad in a newspaper or a drawing in a manga I can either get really hungry or my brain will start trying to figure out what it tastes like. I think most of my family is like this too because we all love food. Of course if I see actual food then the sensation will be even more intense.

So basically if I’m at the deli and I see that very large container of butter, and then see the deli guy take a big helping of it and slather it on a bagel or piece of toast, I want to puke. Although I’m not as much a condiment person as the rest of the country apparently is. This is observation from eating with several friends over the years and seeing that relative to how much I use everyone uses an excessive amount of ketchup, butter, syrup, soy sauce, hot sauce and any other sort of thing you can mention. So maybe it tastes just fine for the person getting the bagel or toast, but it still makes me want to puke.