No, he’s not trying to steal the games or trick the retailers if that’s what you’re wondering, it’s all just about peeling the labels. For me easy to peel labels are one of life’s simple pleasures. I’m one of those people who would take those magazine inserts attached by that boogery glue and roll it all up into a tiny little ball. Or one of the people who gets every scrap of the DVD security sticker things when they buy a new DVD.

Anyone who has bought used video games in the past few years from Electronics Boutique or Gamestop (same company) probably knows that they used to be using really crappy labels that were impossible to rip off cleanly. Thankfully now they’ve switched to nicer ones that even rip cleanly off of the instruction manuals. Though lately I’ve been thinking I prefer to buy new games and only used if it’s not from a retailer. Basically I hate how pushy they are at game stores for you to buy into their extra deals and used games, and stupid crap Game Informer magazine. I don’t want to buy their used because on top of being grossly overpriced they receive a ridiculous margin on them and I don’t want to support their tactics. Whereas buying a new game gives them very little money by comparison.