I used to think that all these Chinese takeout places outside one of the three respective Chinatowns were all basically the same. But recently I went to a Chinese place near my new job and I was pretty wrong. Their lo mein was greasy to the point that I stop eating otherwise I knew I would have a stomach ache. Plus it wasn’t even very tasty, rather bland sort of big noodles.

I now have more appreciation for the one nearby where I live because they have the sort of chicken lo mein I remember eating when I grew up. Actually it’s probably better because the one Chinese place my family used to go to all the time in our hometown was actually kind of greasy. Basically I was a really picky eater and chicken lo mein became my litmus test for a Chinese restaurant. Nowadays I only eat it very occasionally so I don’t feel guilty for ordering the same thing.

Anyway, the takeout place I go to is usually incredibly fast such that I always pondered what their setup was like in the kitchen. Ironically enough last night it took longer than usual, but they were pretty busy with four or so orders before mine.