There are two inaccuracies in this comic can you spot them? Well if you can’t I’m going to tell you what they are now anyway. The first is that on this type of subway car the poles are not arranged in this fashion. You’d find poles this close to each other in a B train or one with the gray seats, but not the one with the orange seats. The second inaccuracy is that most people would choose the two spots by the doors before they opted to use the poles in the middle of the car, it minimizes potential human contact and also maximizes speed of your exit from the car.

Anyway, this is a true story (the first half at least). Nothing much to say, just that I was holding onto the pole and the considerably shorter woman next to me whose mouth lined up with my hand was breathing hot air directly onto my hand. I opted to move my hand up which made the whole thing kind of awkward so I think I switched to the high horizontal bars above the seats. Exciting, no?