I know I’ve talked about smells on the subway many times, but that’s just because it’s a constant thing on the subway. This is a common feeling of paranoia that I have when I can’t trace a smell. I sometimes move around in my seat wondering was there something on the seat that didn’t really register when in actuality the seat has some schmutz on it or some sort of questionable liquid. Sometimes I’ll even go so far as feeling the seat to see if it’s anything but smooth. So far it’s been fine every time *knock on wood* but that doesn’t make me any less paranoid.

Speaking of subway related things. Gothamist recently pointed to this person’s blog for Subway Strategies. If you’ve been reading my comic for a while this is nothing you don’t already know, but it’s still kind of amusing to see all the strategies in one place. Anyone who lives in a major urban area probably knows these by heart already, and if they don’t they should.