When I got home on Thursday I couldn’t help but notice FLIES EVERYWHERE. Okay, maybe not everywhere, they were mostly huddled around the nearest light source which happened to be above my desk. I think I have very good hygiene and even though I cook I’m good about not leaving food out. That being said, maybe there was a fly getting freaky on some trash that I waited a day or so too long to take out and this was the end result. Seriously though there were maybe a dozen flies, it was gross.

At first I was just trying to get them in the air which I did get at least five or so midair. The easiest ones were the ones that landed on a flat surface which were quickly dispatched. I have no direct way of measuring, but I’m pretty sure since I’ve been taking kung-fu for the last year that my reflexes are better and aided me in my quest to rid my apartment of the fly infestation.

Though after some initial struggling I turned off most of my lights except for my halogen floor lamp and they sort of flocked there leaving me alone. I even opened all my windows but none of them seemed to want to leave. The halogen did manage to fry one of them like I thought it would and when I went to sleep I think a few had flown out the window. Last night there were maybe four or so, as I write this there’s one left which I’m looking to fix before I go to sleep.